America confirms that the PYD administration does not meet the conditions that is necessary to conduct any electoral process

America confirms that the PYD administration does not meet the conditions that is necessary to conduct any electoral process

Jun 14 2024

ARK News… The US ambassador to Turkey confirmed that Washington does not support the municipal elections in northeastern Syria, “the PYD administration elections.”

Jeff Flake, the US ambassador to Turkey, said in an interview with CNN Turk: The administration in northeastern Syria, the “PYD administration,” does not meet the necessary conditions to conduct any electoral process, so Washington does not support such a measure at the present time.

Jeff Flake added: “We have always said that any elections in Syria must be fair, transparent, free, and inclusive, and these conditions do not currently exist in northeastern Syria, so we do not support currently any elections.”

The Election Commission affiliated with the PYD administration said in a statement dated 6/6/2024 that the municipal elections, which were scheduled to be held on June 11, were postponed until next August, in implementation of the desire of the political parties and alliances that demanded that the Commission postpone the elections to another official date, explaining this is due to the limited time allocated for the propaganda period, which should be sufficient for all candidates who have been accepted to participate in the electoral process.

Regarding the PYD administration elections, Vedant Patel, deputy spokesman for the US State Department, said in a previous statement that any elections held in Syria must be free, fair, transparent, and comprehensive, as called for by UN Security Council Resolution No. 2254.

Vedant Patel added that the United States does not believe that these conditions are met in the elections scheduled to be held in northeastern Syria (PYD elections).

Recep Tayyip Erdogan, President of Turkey, confirmed on Thursday, May 30, 2024, that his country would not hesitate to launch a new attack on northeastern Syria (areas under the control of the PYD administration) if elections were held in that region.

For his part, Muhammad Ismail, a member of the presidency of the Kurdish National Council in Syria, said that the General Secretariat of the Kurdish National Council stressed the illegality of these elections, and the lack of participation of the National Council in them, especially since they serve the agendas of a certain party, and their results are announced before they are held.

The PYD administration elections were scheduled to take place at the end of last May, but they were postponed to June 11, and for the second time they were postponed to next August.