The bombing of the Assad regime burns hundreds of agricultural dunums in Sahl al-Ghab

The bombing of the Assad regime burns hundreds of agricultural dunums in Sahl al-Ghab

May 31 2023

ARK News… Today, Wednesday, huge fires broke out in agricultural lands in the Al-Ghab Plain area in the northwestern Hama countryside, northwest of Syria, due to deliberate shelling by the Assad regime forces and Iranian militias.

Local sources from the al-Ghab Plain region said, in an interview with them, that fires broke out today, Wednesday, and spread to other agricultural lands in the vicinity of the town of "Khirbet al-Naqous" within the al-Ghab Plain region in the northwestern countryside of Hama, following the targeting of the Assad regime forces and Iranian militias stationed within a military camp. "Jorin" those lands with "Grad" missiles and artillery shells.

The sources confirmed that the fires began to devour hundreds of dunums in that area, without the “Syrian Civil Defense” (White Helmets) teams being able to reach the place because it was monitored by the regime forces and militias backed by Russia and Iran.

The sources pointed out that the losses of farmers are large, and that the losses are likely to increase if the fires spread in the coming hours to other agricultural lands, especially since the Assad regime forces start bombing these agricultural lands with every agricultural season in order to prevent farmers from harvesting their crops.

Farmers in the Jabal Al-Zawiya region, south of Idlib governorate, have suffered great losses in the apricot, cherry, and peach seasons, due to the “hail” falling during the past two days, especially since the people of those areas depend mainly on the annual financial income from agricultural crops to secure a bite. live.