Russian defense: The return of 63 Russian servicemen from captivity in Ukraine

Russian defense: The return of 63 Russian servicemen from captivity in Ukraine

Feb 05 2023

ARK News… Despite the continuation of the battles between Russia and Ukraine, Moscow announced the return of a number of captured Russian soldiers.

The Ministry of Defense on Saturday, announced the return of 63 Russian soldiers from captivity in Ukrainian territory, noting that the list includes people from the "sensitive category", who were exchanged through the mediation of the UAE.

Sensitive positions
It also indicated that the number of soldiers reached 63 soldiers from the armed forces.

The ministry stated that "the group of released soldiers includes people with sensitive positions," according to what was reported by the TASS news agency.

In addition, the ministry pointed out that all military personnel is currently on Russian soil, and "they are provided with the necessary psychological and medical assistance, as well as the opportunity to contact relatives."

It is noteworthy that this is the second prisoner exchange this year, 2023, as 50 Russian soldiers were returned from Ukrainian territory on January 8.

While the political negotiations have been suspended since April last year, with diminishing any hope of resuming them soon, especially in light of the news about a plan for a massive attack that the Russian forces will launch next spring, after a series of setbacks that they suffered recently and prompted them to withdraw from some Ukrainian regions, which it controlled, especially in the south and east.