The final communiqué of the fourth national conference of the Kurdish National Council in Syria

The final communiqué of the fourth national conference of the Kurdish National Council in Syria

Nov 30 2022

ARK News… The Kurdish National Council, on Monday, November 28, held the closing session of its fourth national conference after the PYD militants prevented the conference from being held in the hall that was prepared for it, on the morning of November 14, 2022

They raided the alternative headquarters (and expelled) the members of the conference presentations in the place by force, and as a result, the Council decided to hold its conference through separate sessions, under the slogan (For a pluralistic, democratic, federal Syria whose constitution recognizes the national rights of the Kurdish people in Syria and the rights of the rest of the components).

After standing a minute of silence in honor of the souls of the martyrs of the Kurds, Kurdistan, the martyrs of freedom and the Syrian revolution, and the immortal spirit of Barzani, the sessions were held, the conferees dealt with the points of the work agenda, including the documents prepared by the Council after extensive discussions in its bodies and presented to the conference (the political report - the interim political program - the basic system)

To endorse it and provide opinions and observations with the aim of enriching it to keep pace with the stage and developments that accompanied the development of the Syrian crisis.

In light of the discussions that took place in the international and regional political situation, and with regard to the Syrian situation in general and the Kurdish people in Syria and their national cause, the conference reached a number of decisions and recommendations, including:

-The conferees condemned the decision to prevent the conference from being held in the hall that was prepared for it, and the PYD gunmen raided the alternative venue and expelled the conference members by force of arms.
- The conference stressed that the Syrian regime bears responsibility for the continuation of the crisis and the suffering of the Syrians through its insistence on a security solution, its dependence on the interests of its allies in order to keep it on the necks of the Syrian people, and its fabrication of reasons for obstructing the path of the political solution and the work of the Constitutional Committee,

-In this regard, the conference also affirmed the responsibility of the international community and the countries concerned for their delay in their role and deporting the Syrian file from the priorities of their interest, and called on them to activate the path of a political solution and oblige the regime to implement the relevant resolutions of international legitimacy, foremost of which is Resolution 2254.
-The conference stressed the importance of the Syrian opposition's commitment to its negotiating political choice, its unity, and its commitment to what it agreed upon in the content of the Riyadh Statement 2 and what is related to it to the Kurdish issue as a national issue and the constitutional recognition of the national rights of the Kurdish people in Syria.
- The conference also stressed the openness of the Kurdish National Council to all parties The Syrian opposition believes in a political solution in accordance with the resolutions of international legitimacy and resolution 2254, and also stresses the need for the National Coalition for Syrian Revolutionary and Opposition Forces to abide by the document it signed with the Council, which was the basis for the Council's accession and partnership with it.
-The conference condemned all forms of violations and crimes committed by many armed factions loyal to Turkey and affiliated with the Coalition in Afrin, Sari Kaniye, and Girê Spî against its people, as well as the demographic change taking place there and in any part of the Syrian geography. Any harm or violation against the Syrians, wherever they are and from whatever side.
-It also condemned the entry of Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (Al-Nusra Front), which is classified as a terrorist group, into the Afrin region with the help of some factions there, and called on the conference to expel it and the armed factions, and called on the international community to secure a safe return for the displaced to their homes, hand over the administration of the region to its original inhabitants, and provide them with security protection.
- The conference affirmed its rejection of the approach of unilateralism practiced by the PYD in managing the region, controlling the fate of its people, and imposing certain wills on them, and in this context condemned the intimidating practices of its militants against citizens and the Kurdish National Council, restricting freedoms and placing additional burdens on the difficult living and security conditions that the people of the region suffer from.
-The conference called on the international community and the leadership of the coalition to end the constant threats to launch new military operations in the Kurdish areas and called on the PKK and Turkey not to use the lands of the Kurdistan region and Syrian Kurdistan as an arena for military operations and settling scores between them, because of the dangers that this poses that threaten security and stability in the region. In this field, the conference demanded The international community, America, and Russia work to stop the Turkish and Iranian aggression and attacks on the lands of the Kurdistan region and the Kurdish regions in Syria and to spare the population from new disasters.
-The conference focused on the difficult conditions experienced by our people due to the regime’s policies and PYD practices and what led to the insane rise in prices,

The agricultural sector has declined significantly and poverty has increased, in addition to depriving thousands of students of the right to education with a curriculum that would enable them to pursue their university education and push them to think about emigration.

-The conference emphasized the importance of promoting a culture of coexistence and consolidating the best relations between all societal components coexisting together.
-The conference stressed the importance of the unity of the Kurdish position and class, and called for striving to provide the requirements to achieve it in a way that enhances the role of the Council in the national and national fields and the role of the Kurds in the political process and the future of Syria, and in this field, it stressed the importance of the document of guarantees signed by the American side and the leadership of the SDF to continue negotiations sponsored by the American side
-The conference emphasized the importance of the Peace and Freedom Front and the need to activate its activities and for the Council to exercise its active role in it as one of its basic components.
-The conference appreciated the role of the Kurdistan region, government, leadership, and people in supporting the Kurdish people in Syrian Kurdistan and their national cause. It also expressed its gratitude to His Excellency President Masoud Barzani and his continuous efforts for the unity of the Kurdish position and class.
-The conference condemned the Iranian regime's suppression of the uprising of the Iranian people and the people of Iranian Kurdistan and expressed its solidarity with them in facing the injustice of the regime and in order to achieve democracy and the legitimate national rights of the Kurdish people.
- The conference approved the documents that were presented after introducing the amendments that were adopted in the discussions, and in order to strengthen and activate the Kurdish National Council and its role, the conference took a number of decisions and recommendations that would achieve this.
November 29, 2022 AD
Fourth National Conference of the Kurdish National Council in Syria