Ronida's mother talks to ARK about the details of the kidnapping of her minor daughter by PYD militants

Jul 04 2020

ARK News: The PYD militants, On Monday, 29.26.2020, kidnapped a minor Kurdish girl in the city of Amouda, in Syrian Kurdistan, in order to take her to the recruitment camps.

In a special voice statement to ARK News, the mother of the underage child said that the PYD gunmen kidnapped my 10-year-old and 6-month-old daughter Ronida Dari in the city of Amouda in Syrian Kurdistan, and her fate is still unknown.
Ronida's mother added: That her daughter is still a child, and she wants her daughter from the PYD official, and revealed that the party that kidnapped the girl insisted that the girl not return her home.

The mother of the kidnapped child, Ronida, speaks to ARK about the details of her daughter's kidnapping.