Trump targets fifty two Iranian targets

Trump targets fifty two Iranian targets

Jan 05 2020

ARK News: If Iran attacks Americans, the US will “very hard and very fast” attack 52 Iranian sites, warns US President Donald Trump.
The United States has identified 52 sites in Iran and will attack them “very quickly and very hard” if Iran attacks Americans or US targets. President Donald Trump warned about this on Saturday.

These are targets “at a very high level, which are important for Iran and Iranian culture,” Trump explains in a tweet. “The US no longer wants threats.”
With his announcement, the president responds to threats from Iran following the deadly attack on Iranian General Qasim Soleimani. The Iraqi capital Baghdad and its surroundings were rocked on Saturday evening by multiple rocket attacks.

They attacked us and we hit back. If they attack again, we will hit them harder than they ever hit before!

In his tweets, Trump calls Soleimani a “terrorist leader.” “He already visited our embassy and was preparing additional attacks on other locations,” he says. In two other tweets, the American president adds: “They attacked us and we hit back. If they attack again – and I would strongly recommend that they do not – we will hit them harder than they have ever been hit before! ”

Furthermore, Trump emphasizes that the US “has just spent two trillion dollars in military equipment.” “We are the largest and by far the best in the world! If Iran attacks an American base, or any American, we will send some of those new, beautiful equipment to them … without doubting! ”

On Saturday there were several rocket attacks in and around Baghdad. The Iraqi army reported that. At the Al-Balad military base, some 80 kilometers north of Baghdad, two missiles landed at the depots, sources said to the German DPA news agency. American troops are also stationed on that Iraqi base, who train Iraqi soldiers there. They were brought to the highest state of readiness. Helicopters circle the site.

The Iraqi state news agency INA also reports that rockets have landed at the Al-Balad base and in the center of Baghdad. This concerns the green zone, where government buildings and foreign embassies are located and strict security measures apply. The American embassy is also located there.

The rocket attacks occurred after the United States killed the Iranian General Qasim Soleimani and his main lieutenant in Iraq, Abu Mehdi al-Muhandis, with a drone attack near Baghdad airport on the night of Thursday to Friday. The situation in the region has been tense since that attack. Iran has announced several times that it will take revenge.

Source: MBS News