Monitor: Assad & Russia Bombardment Kills 833 Civilians in NW Syria Since Early February

Monitor: Assad & Russia Bombardment Kills 833 Civilians in NW Syria Since Early February

Jun 26 2019

ARK News: The Emergency Response Coordination Team said that the Assad regime and Russian bombing campaign has killed no fewer than 833 civilians, including 236 children, in the ‘de-escalation zone’ in northwestern Syria since the beginning of February.

In a report issued on Monday, the Team said that it recorded the death of 61 civilians, including 14 children in Idlib and the adjacent parts of the provinces of Hama and Lattakia in the 20th week of the bombing campaign.

The report indicated that the 89,144 households, or about 579,257 people, have been displaced in northwestern Syria since April 29. It noted that the displaced people fled to around 35 locations in the Shield of the Euphrates and the Olive Branch areas as well as to the IDP camps near the border with Turkey.

“The continued bombing campaign, now in its 20th week, showed that the Assad regime and Russia were seeking to prolong the suffering of Syrian civilians and put more pressure on them to force them to return to the regime-held areas,” the Team said.

According to the report, more than 950 civilians have been killed in Idlib province since the Idlib agreement took effect in September 2018.

The Team called upon the international community to redefine the concept of terrorist crimes and to identify those responsible for them. It stressed that the perpetrators of these crimes were known to everyone, adding that the Assad regime, its Russian ally, and its foreign allies are the worst criminals.

The Team also called on the international community and the United Nations to shoulder their responsibilities with regards to the crimes taking place against civilians in northwestern Syria.

Source: Syrian Coalition