A solidarity march for Afrin turns into a theater for the betrayal of leaders of Kurdistan region (video and photo)

Jun 09 2019

ARK News: In the march which was organized by the Kurdistan Workers Party and its Syrian wing, the Democratic Union Party, on yesterday 8/6/2019 which claimed that it was a solidarity march with Afrin, but the march lacked to the pictures of the victims and martyrs and abducted by the armed factions and lacked to all aspects of solidarity with the Kurdish region of Afrin, but in contrary it became the scene of the betrayal leaders of the Kurdistan Region

Hundreds of Kurdistan Workers Party’s supporters took part in the march which was organized in the German city of Cologne, raising the flags of the PYD and the YPG without a picture showing or denoting that the march was in solidarity with Afrin which is subjected to grave violations every day.

The march was marked by a racist signboards which showed in it the picture of Presidents Masoud Barzani and elected President Nechirvan Barzani, in addition to the word "die treason “BIMIRE ÎXANET” also raised slogans as "No life without the president” “BÊ SEROK JIYAN NABE" with the sound of drums and tambourines.

The treacherous image on the signboard was published like wildfire on social networking sites that condemning the lifting of such signboards at a time when voices sang in the reunification of the Kurdish house and collection ranks to deal with an imminent danger to the Kurds and their fate.

The organization of the march comes on the same day which the Kurdish region of Afrin witnessed a terrible crime against two young Kurds, Abdo Sheikh Ahmed bin Bilal, 38 years, married and has four children and Hanan Hasan Hanan, 35 years, from the village of Sheikh of Rajo town on the main road between Afrin and Rajo.

And that the march was missing for the photographs of the victims especially the image of the two young men who were martyred on the same day and the child Mohammed and citizen Sharaf Addin, who was severely tortured to raise forefront in return the treacherous pictures of the leaders of the Kurdistan Region and the PYD and the YPG flags in the march, which was called In solidarity with Afrin.