Seven years since the martyrdom of freedom fighter Salah Muhammad Saeed Younis

Seven years since the martyrdom of freedom fighter Salah Muhammad Saeed Younis

Dec 05 2023

ARK News… Monday, December 5, 2023, marks the seventh anniversary of the martyrdom of freedom fighter Salah Muhammad Saeed Younis.

Fighter Salah Younes, from PYD detention centers to Hawler hospitals in the Kurdistan Region and his martyrdom there:

Salah Muhammad Saeed Younis was born in the village of Tal Habash in 1968 in the city of Amouda in Syrian Kurdistan. He is married and a father of five children. He began his primary, middle and secondary studies in the schools of the city of Amouda.

He joined the Kurdistan Democratic Party - Syria in 1987 and joined the course for training the political cadre in the Kurdistan Region in 2012/2013. He was one of the founders of the Barzani Foundation for Science and Knowledge. He rose through the ranks of the party until he became a member of the Area Committee. He was arrested by the Syrian regime’s agencies five times and the sixth time over the hand of PYD supporters.

He was arrested in the Fayhaa branch on 13/7/2005 and the Political Security on charges of spreading false news that would undermine the prestige of the state. He was released after a year of judicial proceedings. He was also arrested by the Military Security on 28//2008 in the Palestine Branch on charges of distributing Kurdish leaflets. He was released, year 21/12/2009 AD.

He was arrested by the Al-Hasakah Governorate Police Command on charges of belonging to a political association and inciting sectarian strife.

On September 15, 2010, he was arrested by State Security on charges of participating in riotous gatherings to protest the authority’s decision. He was also arrested by Criminal Security until he was released on February 20, 2011.

Finally, Salah Younis was arrested by PYD militants on 14/6/2016 and remained in prison for three months on charges of smuggling young men and joining them with the Peshmerga. He was released on bail to mortgage his house after he became blind in one eye in a PYD prison. He traveled to the Kurdistan Region to receive treatment in one of the PYD prisons. Hawler Hospital (Rizgari Hospital) after a brain mass appeared in PYD prisons.

Member of the Area Committee of the Kurdistan Democratic Party - Syria, Salah Younis, died in the Kurdistan Region on 5/12/2016.