The ninth anniversary of the departure of the Kurdistani artist Jamal Saadoun

The ninth anniversary of the departure of the Kurdistani artist Jamal Saadoun

Mar 31 2023

ARK News… Thursday, March 30, 2023, marked the ninth anniversary of the departure of the great Kurdish artist Jamal Saadoun, who passed away on March 30, 2014.

A brief about his life

Jamal Saadoun was born in 1958 in the city of Derik in Syrian Kurdistan from a poor family and a lover of art, and from his earliest years he loved art and liked to chant songs, and he was one of the victims of the unjust census that took place in Hasaka Governorate in Syrian Kurdistan in 1962, which deprived hundreds of thousands of Kurds of the Syrian nationality.

The voice of Jamal Saadoun was like the sound of dust and air in the cities of Derik, Ain Dewar, Zakho, and the Island of Botan Island, and it was in joys that stirred the feelings of people and stones, and in the reliefs, eyes were tearful upon hearing his melodious voice, and the son of the city of Derik was linked to his homeland as the connection of a tree to the earth, however, circumstances forced him to go on the long path of estrangement, and his longing to meet his family pushed him to travel to Bulgaria, but the torment of alienation made him bloodier.

The late artist Jamal Saadoun was close to his people and his political movement, as he joined the ranks of the Kurdistan Democratic Party - Syria in his early youth and because of the secrecy of the party work, he was known among his companions as "Abu Hakim", and the Kurdish artist Jamal Saadoun sang many songs about Kurdistan, and on the matter of the great late Mulla Mustafa Barzani, whom Saadoun considered the savior of his people, and was closely associated with him, and as a result he was subjected to many harassment, arrest, and torture because of his nationalist songs and about the revolts of Barzani and Mullah Mustafa Barzani by the Syrian regime.

The departure of Jamal Saadoun left a great impression on the hearts of his friends, fans, and loved ones, since the Kurds have preserved their heritage and history through art, and every song or poem tells a Kurdish story, and until the date of his death on March 30th, 2014, Jamal Saadoun was a turmoil that resonates at weddings, anniversaries and Newroz holidays in Derik, and inflames the hearts of the people of his city with his distinctive and beautiful voice.

As a lover sleeps in the arms of his beloved, Jamal Saadoun is lying under the scraps of the city of Derik in an eternal sleep, but his voice and songs remained alive in the hearts of the Kurdish people.