Britain: Withdrawal from Kherson a major damage to Russia's reputation

Britain: Withdrawal from Kherson a major damage to Russia's reputation

Nov 13 2022

ARK News… British intelligence estimates indicated that the Ukrainian forces' recapture of the large city of Kherson in the south of the country means significant damage to Russia's reputation, according to the "German News Agency".

The British Ministry of Defense, on Saturday, said in its daily intelligence update of the war that "the withdrawal is an explicit acknowledgment of the difficulties faced by the Russian armed forces on the western bank of the Dnepr River."

The ministry said, based on intelligence, that Ukraine had captured large areas of the Kherson region on the western bank of the Dnepr River and at the present time largely controlled the city of the same name.

The ministry doubted that Russia had evacuated its forces and equipment in the shortest possible time, noting that it was likely that the withdrawal had already begun on the twenty-second of last October when the Russian occupation administration demanded the residents leave the city.

The ministry added that it is likely that Russia has since evacuated military equipment as well as armed forces in civilian clothes, along with 80,000 civilians who have been officially evacuated from the city.

The ministry said that Russia was still trying to evacuate units from other areas of the Kherson region across the Dnepr River to defensive positions, adding that "it is highly likely that the Russian armed forces destroyed road and railway bridges over the Dnepr River in the course of this operation."

Since the start of the war, the British Ministry of Defense has published daily intelligence on the course of the war in Ukraine, in an effort by the British government to respond to Russian accounts of the war and to motivate the allies. In return, Moscow accuses the British government of launching a disinformation campaign about the war.