The world population is close to 8 billion people

The world population is close to 8 billion people

Nov 13 2022

ARK News… A United Nations report said that by November 15, 2022, the population of the planet could reach 8 billion.

The statistical website also indicated that the population has approached the 8 billion people limit.

The Executive Director of the United Nations Population Fund, Natalia Kineme, sees the global population reaching eight billion as a "significant event for humanity", welcoming the increase in life expectancy and the reduction in infant and maternal mortality. "However, I realize that this is not a moment that everyone necessarily celebrates.

Some are concerned about a world crowded with a very large number of people and insufficient resources to live on,” calling for not to “fear” this number, according to the “DW” website.

The world's population reached its first billion at the beginning of the nineteenth century.

Source:, Kommersant, DW