New cases of Coronavirus among Iranian Revolutionary Guards in Syria

New cases of Coronavirus among Iranian Revolutionary Guards in Syria

Apr 13 2020

ARK News.. Local sources in Deir Al-Zour confirmed that a new batch of Iranian Revolutionary Guards militia deployed in Al-Bukamal city in the eastern countryside has been infected with the emerging Coronavirus.

The sources said that the militia transferred approximately 25 of its members to the hospital in the city of Deir Al-Zour after the symptoms of corona infection appeared on them, after they were quarantined for two days in their headquarters in the Assemblies neighborhood in Al-Bukamal.

According to the Ein Al Furat network, which specializes in reporting the eastern region that the "Revolutionary Guards" surrendered the Iraqi "Hashd al-Shaabi" militia, days ago, 15 elements of the virus that showed symptoms of infection.

It is worth noting that the Iranian militias deployed in Syria are considered the primary source of the Coronavirus outbreak in the country, days ago, 8 Syrian elements from the militia of the 47th Brigade of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards were infected with the virus, as their leaders decided to isolate them and impose house arrest in the headquarters on the people who had mixed with them.

7 members of the Iranian militia in Deir Al-Zour also were killed after being infected with the Coronavirus, along with 40 others. The dead were buried in the "Al-Thalatat" area in Al-Bukamal, while the infected were taken to “Aisha Al-Khairi” hospital.