Children die from the bitter cold at Al-Hol camp in Syria

Children die from the bitter cold at Al-Hol camp in Syria

Feb 04 2019

ARK News: The girl "Aisha Mahmoud Al Youssef" died on Sunday 3/2/2019 in Al-Hol camp in Hasaka countryside because of the severe cold.

According to local sources from the city of Hasaka that 27 children were transferred on Saturday from Al-Hol camp to the national hospital in Hasaka city who were suffering from diseases caused by malnutrition and extreme cold.

For its part, the World Health Organization said on Thursday that there were reports of the deaths of at least 29 children and newborns in the densely displaced in northeast Syria Al-Hol camp in the past eight weeks. The organization added that some 23,000 people arrived at the camp during that period, increasing its population considerably.

The organization noted that these people fled the fighting in Deir Ez-Zor between the organization of Da’esh and the Syrian Democratic Forces, whose main pillar is the fighters of the US-backed People's Protection Units.

"The situation at Al-Hol camp is sad, children die from low temperatures as their families flee in search of safety," said WHO Representative Elizabeth Huff in a statement.

The Organization of the United Nations called on to enter Al-Hol camp without hindrance and said that the situation had become "dangerous" for the thirty-three thousand people, most of them women and children who are living in the severe cold.

She said that many of the displaced people had walked for days or moved on open trucks and arrived in a state of malnutrition and exhaustion, after years they lived in miserable conditions under the rule of the Organization Islamic state.

The Organization added that "Thousands of newcomers have been forced to spend several nights in the reception and check areas of the camp without tents, blankets or heating equipment."

The WHO continued saying that several support teams were working the whole day in the camp to check out new arrivals and assist in immunization and referral of malnourished children to a hospital in Hasaka city.

"The bureaucratic hurdles and security restrictions prevent humanitarian access to the camp and the surrounding roads," she added.

The Organization appealed to all parties to make way for the entry of life-saving assistance without hindrance.