Qamishlo... Residents block the road to protest a water crisis

Jun 18 2024

ARK News… Residents of one of the neighborhoods, on Monday, blocked the road, due to the continuing water crisis in the neighborhoods of Qamishlo city in Syrian Kurdistan.

Local sources from Qamishlo city in Syrian Kurdistan reported that the people of the Al-Hilaliya neighborhood in the city blocked the road in protest against the ongoing water outage since the beginning of this month of June, demanding that the PYD administration resolve this crisis.

The protesters demanded a solution to the water crisis in the city, especially since temperatures are constantly rising and the need for water has increased, and the PYD administration has not done anything regarding the water crisis.

Local sources from the city of Qamishlo said earlier that the water distribution system has been down in the city since the beginning of June, due to the continuous power outage, which led to the main Al-Hilaliya station stopping work, which was providing about 80 percent of the city’s water needs.

For its part, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights revealed that the water crisis in Qamishlo city prompted residents to buy water at high prices from private water tanks, as the price of a tank with a capacity of 1,000 liters reaches up to 100 thousand Syrian pounds, as a result of tank owners exploiting the population’s increasing need for water.

The media source added that the water crisis has caused cases of poisoning and intestinal infections, especially among children, due to the deteriorating quality of water sold by tanker owners.

Citizens in the cities of Syrian Kurdistan, under the control of the PYD administration, complain about the miserable service reality, the successive crises caused in various fields, and the lack of balance between their sources of income and the burdens of living.