A human rights report reveals violations against detainees

A human rights report reveals violations against detainees

Apr 18 2024

ARK News…. Amnesty International stated in a new report that individuals detained following the regional defeat of ISIS are facing systematic violations and a significant number are dying due to inhumane conditions in northeastern Syria.

The report, titled "After ISIS Defeat: Injustice, Torture, and Death in Detention in Northeast Syria," documents the responsibility of the Self-Administration authorities affiliated with the Democratic Union Party for violating the rights of over 56,000 individuals detained in at least 27 detention facilities and two detention camps, namely al-Hol and Roj.

The report indicated that "the United States is implicated in most aspects of the detention system."

The report stated: "Despite more than five years passing since ISIS's defeat, tens of thousands of individuals remain arbitrarily detained indefinitely.

Many of these detainees are held in inhumane conditions and subjected to torture, including severe beatings, being held in stressful positions, electric shocks, and gender-based violence.

Thousands have also been subjected to enforced disappearance, and women have been unlawfully separated from their children." Agnès Callamard,

Secretary-General of Amnesty International, said: "The Self-Administration authorities have committed war crimes through torture and other forms of cruel treatment, and may have committed the war crime of intentional killing."

She added: "Children, women, and men detained in these camps and detention facilities are enduring shocking cruelty and violence.

The U.S. government has played a crucial role in establishing and sustaining this system, which has resulted in hundreds of avoidable deaths, and must play a role in changing the equation."

She continued: "The Self-Administration authorities, the U.S.-led coalition member states, and the United Nations must work to address these violations and end cycles of harm and violence."

Agnès Callamard emphasized that although the United States may have provided support to improve prison conditions or mitigate violations, its interventions have consistently failed to meet the required standards under international law.

She stressed the importance of "developing a comprehensive strategy urgently to ensure that this flawed system complies with international law and identifies judicial solutions that ultimately ensure accountability for the perpetrators of the heinous crimes committed by ISIS."

Additionally, a rapid investigation should be conducted "to identify detainees who should be released immediately, with a particular focus on victims of ISIS crimes and vulnerable groups at risk."