The Washington Post reveals an Iranian-Russian document to expel US forces from Syria

The Washington Post reveals an Iranian-Russian document to expel US forces from Syria

Jun 02 2023

ARK News... The Washington Post, quoting US intelligence officers and secret documents it obtained, revealed that Iran is arming militias in Syria in preparation for a new phase of deadly attacks against US forces in the country, while also working with Russia on a broader strategy to expel the Americans from the region.

"Iran is arming fighters in Syria to begin a new phase of attacks on American forces in that country," the newspaper said. The classified document includes a description of new and broader efforts by Moscow, Damascus, and Tehran to drive the United States out of Syria.

According to intelligence information, "officials from Russia, Iran, and Syria met in November 2022 and agreed to establish a coordination center to lead the campaign against the Americans. But the documents do not indicate Russia's direct participation in planning the bombing campaign."

The newspaper pointed out that other secret documents obtained by it say that Iran and its allies are creating and training forces to use more powerful bombs specifically designed to destroy American military equipment.

The Washington Post stated that this type of weapon, which is called "explosive penetrating bombs", was previously used by Iranian-backed supporters to launch deadly attacks on US military convoys during the US occupation of Iraq (2003-2011).

US officials said the Quds Force of Iran's Revolutionary Guards "directed and supervised the tests of these explosive devices," which experts said dismembered tank armor. According to officials, those tests took place in the east of the Syrian capital, Damascus.

A document stated that a bomb maker works with the Lebanese "Hezbollah", and tried to conduct experiments on a new type of these armor-piercing bombs last January in Syria.

It stated that the device is less than 5 inches in size, and it is a powerful device that can be easily hidden.

During two tests, the device was able to penetrate 3-inch tank armor from a distance of 75 feet, while a third test failed.

Current and former intelligence and weapons experts revealed that the new explosive bombs "could increase the American death toll and threaten to set off a broader military confrontation between the United States and Iran."

The document describes broader efforts by Moscow, Damascus, and Tehran to expel US forces from Syria, a goal "long sought by Syrian President Bashar al-Assad".

It indicated that this would enable him to restore the eastern regions of Syria, which are controlled by the Washington-backed Syrian Democratic Forces.

The leaked documents describe plans for a broad campaign against US opponents that includes "incitement to popular resistance, and support for campaigns to launch attacks on US forces in eastern and northeastern Syria."