Syria is at the mercy of the two summits

Syria is at the mercy of the two summits

Jul 26 2022

Written by: Sherif Ali

During the past few days, the Middle East region witnessed two summits, which may not be given much importance or considered as transient events that did not achieve the goals for which they were held, but in fact they are two summits that have profound effects on the course of events in the region and the world now and in the future, given the sponsorship that took place under both summits, where the first was In Jeddah in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, under the auspices of US President Biden and in the presence of the leaders of the Gulf Cooperation Council countries, Iraq, Egypt and Jordan, while the second was held a few days later in the Iranian capital, Tehran, under the auspices of Russian President Putin, in the presence of the Iranian and Turkish presidents, through this indicator and in light of the international and regional alignments the world is witnessing in Following the Russian invasion of Ukraine and the categorical Western rejection led by the United States of America through NATO, it can be predicted that the end of the Ukrainian crisis is still unknown in history and repercussions, at least in the foreseeable future, which is pushing the two poles of the international conflict to search for regional fulcrums that expand their sphere of influence. The international community as part of a confrontation strategy that must include hotbeds of tension in multiple regions of the world, being in Indirect points of contact between the two sides are established due to their strategic importance from several aspects, whether in terms of their geographical location or in terms of their richness in energy and food sources. The same is true of the global decision to control the fate and future of the largest area of this region, by projecting political and security systems working on their behalf on the peoples of the region and creating suffocating crises in their countries so that they remain in control of the will of those peoples, similar to the regimes and dictatorships that were installed in the Cold War era and have continued to this day. Where peoples pay the tax for the survival of those regimes after their countries have become international battlegrounds in which the accounts of influential international and regional powers are settled.

The Syrian, Yemeni, and Iraqi scenes are vivid examples, and this is what made them prominent points on the tables of the two aforementioned summits, and they received great attention from the participants, especially the Syrian one, in view of the direct contact between the two poles of the conflict. At a time when Syria is considered a Russian sphere of influence, we find that the American presence is consolidating day after day in more The Syrian regions are rich in terms of energy and food and are working to control and define the destination of their marketing, by the administration of the Democratic Union Party, in line with the US policy towards Syria, which was determined by the joint European-American security delegation to lead the Syrian Democratic Forces early this month, and its most prominent features were the issue of dealing with the rest of the actors in the conflict. Syria and the transparency of the disposal of the extracted oil and the implementation of the terms of the border security agreement with Turkey, constitute clear warning signs that indicate very severe upcoming transformations in the American dealing with the Syrian file. Syrian.

This is what makes Russia’s control at a low level despite its massive military presence in the country, and this is what prompted Russia to resort to its two partners in the Astana platform - Turkey and Iran - who were united only by robbing the Syrian people's decision to work together in limiting American expansion, as indicated by Russian President Vladimir Putin. In an interview with him about the reasons for the Tehran summit to study the Syrian situation and reach a peaceful solution to the Syrian crisis.

Despite what Putin declared regarding the centrality of the Syrian file in that summit, the summit was for more urgent issues than the Syrian situation for Russia and the repercussions of its invasion of Ukraine, as appeared in the three presidents' words. To serve its agendas in the Syrian arena, without any indifference to the deteriorating situation of the Syrian people.

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