Mechanisms to stop the rehabilitation of the regime?

Mechanisms to stop the rehabilitation of the regime?

Oct 11 2021

By Dr. Abdul Hakim Bashar
It seems clear that the steps to rehabilitate the regime by some countries have begun publicly, and some countries have begun to effectively lift the political and diplomatic blockade, and in our opinion, if things go in this direction, the rehabilitation of the regime may become an inevitable reality.

With regard to the outcomes of rehabilitating the regime of murder and criminality, the urgent question that arises strongly for all those who fear the regime’s flotation operations is whether it is possible to stop the steps of rehabilitation and normalization with it? Is there any mechanism that enables the Syrians to turn back the hands of the hour of flotation and rehabilitation? In my opinion, this is not impossible, and it may be very possible if some conditions that must be mentioned are met, namely:

- The Syrian opposition forces have to see the facts as they are, not as they imagine or wish for them, and thus move away as much as possible from the romantic image formed from the Syrian reality.
- The official opposition conduct a comprehensive and transparent critical review of its work over the past years.
- The opposition be committed to transparency and frankness with the popular and revolutionary incubator.

- The opposition to take steps that motivate the international community to reconsider its position; As a note regarding the last item, it is assumed that this step should not be undertaken by the official opposition alone, but rather that it should be the least part of it, through the establishment of workshops in which senior Syrian thinkers, intellectuals and politicians from outside the frameworks of the official opposition and from various components participate, with the effective participation of the various Syrian studies centers and Arab and international studies centers supporting the Syrian revolution, in order to reach outputs that restore the Syrian revolution’s glory, and the opposition’s position, and through which it provides a convincing alternative to the Syrian people and the international community, and this may push the international community and Arab countries to review the position of Normalization and reconsideration of its approach to the Syrian file.

The fundamental question remains, which we should consider carefully, which is, will the Syrian opposition continue to move forward with its own political line and be satisfied with holding the international community responsible for the situation in Syria? Or will it take a new and practical approach and assume its historical responsibilities towards the blood of hundreds of thousands of Syrians? And thus work to implement the conditions we referred to above in order to end the suffering of the detainees and stop the moaning of mothers of children and the groans of the bereaved and the pain of the displaced and migrants?

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