Today Marks the 7th Anniversary of the Yezidi Genocide by IS

Today Marks the 7th Anniversary of the Yezidi Genocide by IS

Aug 03 2021

Seven years ago on this day, the Islamic State (IS) militants carried out a barbaric attack on the Kurdish Yezidis’ hometown of Sinjar where they killed thousands of civilians and kidnapped several thousands more.

The fall of Sinjar came after the IS jihadists took over Mosul where the Iraqi army had already abandoned the fight. The extremist group labeled the Yezidis as “infidels” to justify its horrific massacre in Sinjar.

According to the latest updates, from an estimated 550,000 Yezidis in Iraq, over 360,000 were displaced after the IS attack on 3rd August 2014. A total of 1,293 Yezidis were massacred by the jihadist group during the first days of the fall of Sinjar.

Official data also show that 6,417 Yezidis (3,548 men; 2,869 women) were abducted by IS, from which 3,553 have so far been rescued.

A total of 2,763 Yezidi men, women, and children are still missing with efforts ongoing to find and rescue them.

The IS genocidal attack on the Yezidis has left 2,745 children orphaned, the report added.

Many of the Yezidis who were massacred by IS were buried in mass graves in and around Sinjar. The report said 82 mass graves have so far been discovered.

The crisis also resulted in the migration of more than 100,000 Yezidis to the EU, US, or Canada, the report concluded.

Source: BasNews site