Contradictory statements about the participation of PYD militants in the Idlib war

Contradictory statements about the participation of PYD militants in the Idlib war

Aug 27 2018

ARK News: A senior official of the Popular Protection Units denied participation in the operation with the regime forces in Idlib province, noting that joining to the army of the Syrian regime has conditions.

"Idlib operation is only a play between Russia and the ruling party in Turkey," the spokesman of Popular Protection Units, Nuri Mahmood told Kurdistan 24.

Mahmoud denied the participation of the Protection Units in the military operation which will be launched by Russia and Assad's forces against militants in Idlib province.

The two prominent leaders of the Democratic Unionist Party, Saleh Muslim, and Aldar Khalil had previously been prepared to participate their forces in the Idlib process,

"Turkey, Iran, and Russia are holding deals in Sochi and others at the expense of the Syrian people. Turkey and Russia have no interest in stabilizing Syria and enjoying democracy.

Mahmoud pointed out that all the schemes that are taking place in Idlib, Afrin, Tripoli, and others are aimed at maintaining instability in Syria and preventing the development of democratic solutions in the country.

The leader of the Units pointed out that talking about the joining of Units to the Syrian army is still early.
"Nothing like this can take place before obtaining the rights of the people in Syria, headed by the rights of Kurdish people, and a new constitution must be drafted that guarantees the rights of all peoples," he said.

"When all the Syrian parties reach to solutions, then a collective defense system can be formed and we can join it," he said.