Ibrahim Biro: The PYD does not intend to effect any change in its administration unless if it is imposed by Turkey and America

Sep 15 2019

ARK News: Ibrahim Biro, a member of the Foreign Relations Committee of the Kurdish National Council in Syria, said that the PYD has no intention of making any changes in its administration in the safe area.

In a special statement to ARK News on the mechanism of forming the new joint administration in the safe area, Biro said that there will be changes in the management of “PYD" only when they imposed those changes by both America and Turkey.

Biro added that everything that the PYD did from Propaganda was completely counter to reality, the Turks entered the safe area, according to the US-Turkish agreement, the Turks will also have bases in the safe area and the tunnels created by the BYD will be destroyed and the PYD militants will also withdraw from that area, and what has been implemented in the safe zone has not exceeded one percent of what has been agreed so far, and it will be implemented in full terms of the agreement.