PYD describes Roj Peshmerga forces as

PYD describes Roj Peshmerga forces as "mercenaries"

Sep 05 2019

ARK News: At a time when voices are louder than the need to arrange and unity of the Kurdish house to face the difficult challenges that faced by the regions of Syrian Kurdistan in the current stage and the threats and promises it receives, in a move that is not the first, the Democratic Union Party the PYD media described in a report on one of its official websites on August 31, 2019, that the Roj Peshmerga forces belonging to the Kurdish National Council in Syria as "mercenaries" and the imposition of false charges to the Kurdish National Council in Syria.

In a report by the Hawar website of the PYD, described the Roj Peshmerga forces who receive training in the Kurdistan region as "mercenaries" and that they belong to the Turkish Intelligence and receive training and support from them.

The Roj Peshmerga forces are a military force composed of young men and women of Syrian Kurdistan and are trained by officers and experts of several Western countries. These forces participated side by side to the Peshmerga forces in the Kurdistan region in the battles to defeat the Islamic State terrorist organization of Islamic State (Da’esh), and provided dozens of martyrs for the sacrifice of the territory of Kurdistan, and never participated in the liberation of Arab areas as the YPG.

According to the testimony of many countries, the Roj Peshmerga forces are the only force that has not stained the blood of Syrians and is the first to take charge in future Syria.

It also came in report of Hawar website that the Council also has close relations with the Turkish Government, note that the officials to whom the PYD politicians and military personnel in constant secret meetings with Turkish officials, this was repeatedly stated by their officials as a stark recognition of them, especially Abdullah Ocalan, the leader of the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) - the first role model for the management of the PYD - where he repeatedly said that Turkey's sensitivity must be taken into account by the PYD administration and open direct dialogues between the two parties.

It is noteworthy that the Democratic Union Party has militants with the name of the YPG includes many formations and factions of Arab and Christian, but it has repeatedly rejected and does not accept the presence of two military forces in Syrian Kurdistan. The YPG participated in the battles of many Arab regions such as Manbij, Raqqa, Deir al-Zour, Tal Refaat and Izaz countryside, and provided thousands of young Kurdish men and women - forced to perform compulsory service - as martyrs for those Arab regions, while they withdrew from some points and handed over to the Syrian regime or to joint Turkish and American patrols. It also withdrew recently from the areas of Gire Spi and Sari Kaniye to withdraw from the other Kurdish areas with a depth of 14 km to implement the Turkish-American agreement on the safe area to be established on the Turkish border with Syrian Kurdistan.