Kurdistan Democratic - Syria congratulates Kurdistan Yekiti - Syria on the success of its eighth conference

Dec 30 2018

ARK News: A delegation from the Kurdistan Democratic Party – Syria visited the leadership of the Kurdistan Yekiti Party - Syria on December 27, 2018, on the occasion of the conclusion of the eighth congress of the Party in Qamishlo city, and the election of the new leadership.

The source from Qamishlo reported to the ARK Media that the Democratic delegation included members of the Political Bureau and the Central Committee, Bashar Amin, Dr. Lazgin Fakhri, Mohsen Taher, Nafie Abdullah, Hasan Ramzi, Abdul Rahman Abtan, while the delegation of Kurdistan Yekiti included the secretary of the Party Eng. Suleiman Oso and two members of the Political Committee, Marouf Mullah Ahmed and Majdal Dili.

The delegation of the Kurdistan Democratic Party – Syria congratulated the Kurdistan Yekiti on the occasion of the end of the eighth conference and the election of Eng. Suleiman Oso as secretary of the Party and Abdul Ilah Auji as deputy secretary, in addition to electing the new leadership of the Party.

The two sides discussed the work of the Eighth Congress of the Kurdistan Yekiti in the light of the current conditions which the Kurdistan and Syrian arena are witnessing.

The two sides discussed the Kurdish National Council as the umbrella framework for the Kurdish national movement in Syria and ways of activating and developing the Council and its various institutions.

Both the Kurdistan Democratic Party and the Kurdistan Yekiti Party are of the affiliated Parties and the establishment of the Kurdish National Council in Syria.

It is worth mentioning that the Kurdistan Yekiti Party - Syria ended on Sunday, December 23, 2018, the work of its eighth conference in the city of Qamishlo.