Iranian Militias on High Alert in Several Areas of Syria

Iranian Militias on High Alert in Several Areas of Syria

Apr 13 2024

ARK News… Syrian media sources revealed that areas where Iranian militias are present in Syria have witnessed a significant state of alert over the past 24 hours, amid tension and anticipation of Iranian threats against Israel
According to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, Iranian militias have conducted repositioning and deployment operations in various Syrian areas. They have removed flags and signs confirming their presence, restricted public movements of leaders except for extreme cases, and changed the convoy vehicles used by military leaders.

The Observatory also reported that these measures have been implemented in Damascus, the Qalamoun region, southwestern rural Damascus, areas near the Golan Heights, Aleppo, and its southern and eastern countryside.

Furthermore, the Observatory mentioned that Iranian militias have relocated in the Syrian desert, reduced their numbers in military and oil-related sites, and adjusted their presence in the eastern region including Deir Ez-Zour, al-Bukamal, and al-Mayadin.