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The Russian "Novocherkassk" ship is heading towards the Syrian coast

Feb 23 2021

ARK News… Foreign media reported that the Russian large landing ship "Novocherkassk" entered the Mediterranean waters on Saturday, and published pictures of the ship crossing the Bosphorus Strait, as it was heading to Syria, to be part of the Russian fleet in the region.

The sites indicated that the Russian ship of the sea fleet is heading towards the port of Tartous in Syria, where the Russian navy has a logistical center, and the group of pieces of the Russian military fleet currently in the Mediterranean consists of more than 10 combat and serving ships.

According to foreign media, the large landing ships and serving ships of the Russian Navy, in addition to ships chartered by the Russian fleet, are participating in the process of transporting shipments to the Russian aviation group stationed at Hamaimim Airport (Lattakia countryside) and the supply point in the port of Tartous.