A Syrian was arrested for human smuggling in the Netherlands

A Syrian was arrested for human smuggling in the Netherlands

Jan 26 2023

ARK News… The Dutch police arrested a 31-year-old Syrian at his home in the Dutch town of Bodgraven because, according to the judicial authority, he was involved in smuggling at least 6 citizens into the Netherlands.

He was also going to try to bring two Syrians into the country, according to what was reported by the Dutch newspaper "Jerdeland", which confirmed that the Royal Dutch Police conducted the arrest according to the report of the "Public Prosecution" service, and according to the newspaper, the man appeared before the investigating judge in the court of "Ost Brabant" last Friday. . The judge ruled that the man would remain in custody for at least two weeks.

* Not the first time
The newspaper pointed out that this is not the first time that the Syrian has been arrested. The last time was in July last year, and the man's house in Bodgraven was raided.

During the inspection, the royal police found mobile phones and a large amount of money. The suspect was released at the time after interrogation, while the royal police conducted further investigations, according to the newspaper.

According to a spokesperson for the "Public Prosecution", during this investigation, suspicions against the man grew, for example, "chat conversations and video clips condemning the smuggling of people on phones were found."

Forged documents
The newspaper revealed that the Syrian man, since he was residing in the Asylum Seekers Center in Overloon, received information that incriminated him, and according to that information, he “possess forged documents, including Syrian passports, doctor’s certificates, and ownership certificates through his family in abroad, and thus help others smuggle people.”

For further clarification, according to the newspaper, the national government stated that “human smuggling is providing assistance and transportation to people with the aim of crossing borders, which is what smugglers exploit for a lot of money, as they smuggle migrants to the Netherlands or the European Union, often at risk to their lives, or immigrant health.