Kolo to ARK: The return of Syrian refugees must be under international tutelage, and nothing else is unfair

Jan 26 2023

ARK News... January 24, 2023, the Kurdish politician Abdul-Baqi Kolo said that the return of Syrian refugees must be with an international guarantee, and without that, it is unfair and returning them to the fold of Assad and the regime's oppressive machine.

Kurdish politician Dr. Abdul Baqi Kolo, during his participation in the ARK newsletter, said that Turkish relations with the Syrian regime were not interrupted for a single day, especially on the intelligence level, while meetings are now taking place to restore normal relations between the two parties.

The Kurdish politician confirmed that the Turkish government wants to play on this chord to win the sympathy of the Turks and gain more votes, especially since the opposition party repeatedly asserts that it will deport the Syrians to Syria and restore relations with the Syrian regime.

Regarding the implementation of the conditions of the two parties in normalization, he stressed that the two parties have impossible conditions, and it is impossible for the conditions to be implemented easily.

At the end of his speech, he said that the return of Syrian refugees from Turkey to Syria must be under international supervision and guarantees because they will be exposed to other tragedies.