Idlib: the Turkish army broke a sit-in on the

Idlib: the Turkish army broke a sit-in on the "M4" road

Apr 14 2020

ARK News.. The Turkish army, on Monday, broke up an advanced sit-in point established by demonstrators near the town of Nairab, east of Idlib, to prevent Russian-Turkish patrols from running on the Aleppo-Lattakia International Road (M4).

Activists and local pages said that the Turkish army, backed by military armored vehicles, bulldozers and heavy machinery, broke into the dawn at the dawn, yesterday, demolishing the tents of the protesters by force.

Video footage circulated showed the deployment of Turkish army and police in the area after the sit-in was broken.

A group of activists and families, last month, began a sit-in on the "M4" road in the outskirts of Jericho, to prevent Russian-Turkish patrols running on the roads in accordance with the Russian-Turkish ceasefire agreement concluded in Moscow on March 5.