Bitter transformations but reality can happen ... Manal Hasko

Bitter transformations but reality can happen ... Manal Hasko

Feb 06 2019

ARK News: It is no secret to anyone after seven years of bloody conflict which they turned from peaceful to bloody the situation and the solution move from political to security according to the report published by Asharq Al Awsat that the safe area will become a security zone and under US conditions.

On the one hand, Israel wants a solution that will preserve its security.

Iran exports its conflict on Syrian territory.

Iraq is collapsing and directed according to the dictates of Iran’s mullahs.

Russia is a partner but a vision filled with mystery in many positions.

The US-Turkish agreement came as a result and a solution that may not satisfy everyone but according to interests, where America will retain the base of al-Tanaf and East Euphrates to Kurdistan Region and then break the Iranian influence in Iraq and without a doubt the protection of the Kurds is one of the conditions.
As for Turkey, after all the leaders of PKK statements and their employers the PYD that they wish the agreement with Turkey and because they have proven their ability to maintain the existing countries borders and fight against national ideology and this is part of Erdogan's policy.

On the other hand, Erdogan does not dare to move forward for fear of the Turkish street, especially the MHP lurks them especially, and especially that the majority leaders of the Turkish army are from the Kemalists.

As a Kurdish interest, if the Roj Peshmerga enters it is possible to be in the Kurdish interest in the long-term of course.

Manal Hasko

المقال يعبر عن رأي الكاتب