Opposition militias

Opposition militias "Arabize" jobs in Afrin

Dec 23 2018

ARK News: The head of the Water Corporation in Afrin city of Kurdistan Syria was recently dismissed by Turkish governor of Afrin and replaced another person from outside the region.

Bass News website published news from familiar source that the Turkish governor in his recent visit to the city recently, dismissed the director of the Water Corporation in the city the engineer, Salah Ali without disclosing the reasons and appointed Abdul Qadir Hafez, who is close to the leader of the Liwaa al-Tawheed militia instead of him, and who is a resident of Mare’h.

The source added that the new director recently expelled a Kurdish engineer from the Department of Meydanky Dam, but he reversed his decision because of the lack of Arab expertise fills the place, and he expelled the Kurdish staff and appoints Arab citizens descended from the city of Izaz and Mare’h instead.

Observers sees that the “Arabization” of jobs in Afrin region, comes within the framework of a plan designed to besiege the Kurdish population living and fighting their livelihood, to be forced to leave the region and continue the policy of demographic change for the benefit of displaced Arabs who came to there, after the control of the Turkish army and opposition militias in the 18 from last March on the Kurdish region in the framework of the process of Turkish “olive branch”.