The Party that won !!

The Party that won !!

Nov 28 2018

By Omar Kochari Kurdistan Journalists Syndicate Syria

ARK News: Two days ago, the pages of those close to the pulse of the Kurdistan workers system, calling for the mobilization of emotions and the broadcast of enthusiastic songs and writing on the occasion of the birth of this Party .. and this is their natural right.

But some of their writings have been biased to the passion and eloquence of the construction, not to reality, one of whom wrote that this party was created to triumph, and frankly, we have not seen a victory for this party since its establishment in 1978 and so far, a victory which liberates a Kurdish village, and we will not say a province, despite the torrential blood of the finest Kurdish youth.

Now, the most leadership of this Party is camped in the rugged mountains of Qandil "Kurdistan of Iraq" and on the ground they do not exist, but that large sections of the Kurdish people in northern Kurdistan(Kurdistan of Turkey) do not speak their Kurdish language, but boast of speaking even in their homes in Turkey .. !!

The writer also wrote that the Party alerts and changes according to the circumstances, yes, this is true, it changed its name more than eight times, but it did not produce anything in this change!!

It is strange that the writers of the system always humiliate the Kurdish people, they alleged that the people were humble, and do not understand anything of their Kurdish, and the fact that the victory hasn’t come yet At the hands of the supporters of this Party, which was very vague on its objectives which were the liberation and achievement of Greater Kurdistan to the "Union of Free Peoples" and then to the Democratic Nation, .. What is important is that there is no Kurdish specificity in its slogans and ideologies, but there is talk about the peoples of "Mesopotamia"

In any case, in the pivotal stations in the history of the parties, it is useful to talk about the mistakes and negatives that have prevented the achievement of the goals.

The talk in this exhibition goes on and on

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