Turkish newspaper: Two Gulf states send troops to Kurdistan Syria

Turkish newspaper: Two Gulf states send troops to Kurdistan Syria

Nov 21 2018

ARK News: Turkish newspaper Yeni Shafaq reported that the UAE and Saudi Arabia have sent troops to the Kurdistan region of Syria and have been stationed in centers of the US-led international coalition.

The newspaper said that "although there is no specific number of soldiers which sent from both Gulf states, these reports come at a time when Turkey intends to launch a military operation targeting the Kurdistan region of Syria located to the east of the Euphrates at any moment."

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said in October that Turkey had completed all preparations to launch military operations.

Saudi Foreign Minister, Adel al-Jubeir confirmed in last April the reports that issued from the Wall Street Journal “which said that the US forces may be replaced by Arab forces, and Al-Jubeir has confirmed that Riyadh is in ongoing consultations with Washington on this military force.

According to Yeni Shafaq newspaper that "recent developments indicate that Saudi Arabia and the UAE are leaning towards cooperation with the Assad, who committed massacres against the millions of his people."

The newspaper concluded that "there are many reports that the UAE is working to include the regime to this Arab force, which will replace the International Alliance.