Syrian chocolate stuffed with drugs

Syrian chocolate stuffed with drugs

Nov 21 2018

ARK News: the Jordanian authorities foiled large quantities of drug smuggling operation a large-scale drug smuggling operation from Syria through the Naseeb-Jaber border crossing, which has been reopened between the two countries for weeks.

A security source in Jordan said that an attempt to smuggle 4 million narcotic pills, which had hidden inside large quantities of chocolate, had been thwarted by coordination between the security forces and the Jordan Drug Control and Customs Department at the Jaber-Naseeb border center.

The source pointed out in his interview with the Jordanian Al-Dustour newspaper that the suspect occurred on the driver of one of the shipping vehicles while he was entering the Kingdom, and when the searching the vehicle, a number of chocolate pills were found, it turned out that there were four million tablets of narcotic pills found to have been smuggled into the Kingdom. The driver of the vehicle was arrested and investigations were ongoing.

The border crossing between Syria and Jordan was reopened on 15 October, where the trade movement became active in one-way, and the Jordanian authorities allowed of the Syrian goods to enter the Kingdom.