A new wanted list prepared by the Assad regime for the reserve

A new wanted list prepared by the Assad regime for the reserve

Nov 14 2018

ARK News: Media sources said that the Assad regime is preparing a new list of Syrians required for the reserve service in the forces of the Assad army.

According to the channel of “Halab Today”, "the regime will announce the list of new names required for the reserve in the coming days."

Col. Khalid al-Mutlaq, a combat unit security officer, and a dissident security officer for the 24nd Air Defense Division, told Halab Today channel that the decision to waive from the reserves, which issued by the regime a few days ago, is a trap for Syrians to defame them, to convince them that the regime is tolerant and to convince the young who are out of sight and fleeing abroad, for fear of regime practices, to return to the areas of regime control. "

Colonel Khalid added the "the regime wanted to convey a picture to the international community, to give them the impression that the revolution was over and that the Syrian army was strong and capable of controlling without the need for the reserve.”

About the possible decision to issue new lists of those required for the reserve service, Khalid Al Mutlaq said: "We cannot predict the reasons for such a decision, but I think that the regime will put new conditions for the reserve requests, which may relate to the ages of the wanted for the regime, for example.”

Pointing that "Redha Al-Pasha," a former journalist close to the regime explained in a previous (live broadcast) via Facebook, that the exemption does not mean the abolition of the backup service, but the abolition of penalties for the absence and escape from the backup and compulsory services, he noted that every person who joined the service and then fled from it would result in imprisonment, and continuing the service after that, and this circular abolishes the prison sentence only and does not abolish joining the service again.

Source: Halab Today channel