Omar La’le’s award for the poet Suleiman Azer

Omar La’le’s award for the poet Suleiman Azer

Nov 07 2018

ARK News: On the occasion of the seventh anniversary of his death, on November 6, 2011, the Committee of the prize of the great Kurdish poet "Renjbar" , Omar La’le decided to award in its new session to the poet, Suleiman Azer, in recognition of his cultural role and his service in the Kurdish language and culture.

Suleiman Azer is a Kurdish poet who has been living in Bochum since 1944. He was born in Qamishlo in 1965. He holds a certificate of Intermediate Institute Certificate of Veterinary Medicine, and began writing Kurdish poem in the mid-eighties, he has also published many articles in the Kurdish press, and he has a printed collection of poems entitled: Awazên “Kelûgirî” which published in 1996, and he has many of manuscripts which he hasn’t had the chance to issue and print them.

The poet “Renjbar”/ Omar La’le, is one of the poets who wrote the poetry in the post-“Cîgerxwîn”, and it was his first poem that he wrote about the Kurdish fighter of the late Mullah Mustafa Barzani in 1958, and he distinguished with his high national sense, and many top Kurdish artists sang his poems such as Mohammed Sheikho - Shivan Perwer - Mahmoud Aziz - Saeed Gabari - Bahaa Sheikho - Kanaan Sheikho - Bland Ibrahim etc., and his most famous songs which have been echoed by millions of Kurds:

"Xem û xeyalê - Ey lê gulê gula minê - Yarek min heye bi navê jîn e"

And issued five collections of poetry of him are:

“Xem û Sawêr” - “Çar çira” - “Tewafa yarê” - “Welat binase” - “Evin û welat”

He also has four poetry manuscripts in addition to a number of manuscripts in the field of heritage and Kurdish tribes and others which are waiting for printing.

It is worth noting that the Award Committee was formed by Khurshid Shouzi, Hishyar La’leand Nareen Omar" Coordinator of the Award"

Source: General Union of Kurdish writers and journalists

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