Stop the war against the honorable Kurds

Stop the war against the honorable Kurds

Jan 13 2021

By Dr. Abdul Hakim Bashar

ARK News… Aldar Khalil, a member of the Central Committee of the "Kurdistan Workers’ Party, goes out again to spread his poisons, the stench of his mouth, and his ugly words that match his paid mind, to accuse of the most honorable, noblest, and purest of saying their name, in an incomparable manner, when he speaks in a dirty tongue similar to his thought about the Roj Peshmerga.

The so-called Khalil is fully aware that the Roj Peshmerga members are honest patriotic Kurds, and they belong to patriotic Kurdish families, whose history of struggle is honorable. They fought in defense of the pure land of Kurdistan, not outside it. They fought the enemies of the Kurds, whatever their name was, and their hands were bright and white, not stained with the blood of the Kurds.

Their faith is deeply rooted in national dignity, sacrifice, nobility, and pride.

They work under the shade of the holy Kurdish flag, and they are martyred for Kurdistan so that the filthy vicious enemies of our nation do not defile it.

This is what irritates Aldar Khalil, who hates and even hates honorable Kurds, regardless of their position, including the Roj Peshmerga.

The Kurdish National Council is required to take a principled and firm stand, and publicly announces the cessation of dialogue with the Syrian branch of the "Kurdistan Workers’ Party" until two additional conditions are met:
1- The apology of Aldar Khalil from the Roj Peshmerga and all the honorable Kurds.
2- Keeping him away from the negotiating delegation completely.

Otherwise, the Kurdish National Council is not entitled to speak in the name of Roj Peshmerga

Long live Roj Peshmerga

We pay homage and honor to the sacrifices of the Roj Peshmerga ... and the nobility of their goals

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