Gunmen in the service of the enemies of Kurdistan

Gunmen in the service of the enemies of Kurdistan

Nov 05 2020

Gunmen in the service of the enemies of Kurdistan
By Omar Kochari
ARK News… The continuous attacks by terrorist groups of the Workers' Party target Kurdistan ... and not one of its parties ... It is true that the PKK media does not stop its cheap slanders against the Kurdistan Party. And the president, the leader, Masoud Barzani ... leaders and some of the boys of this party are competing with every innocent Kurdish connotation or aspirations...

It seems that the Workers' Party has been renewing its war against the Kurdistan Region since 1992 when the parliament and the first governmental cabinet were formed. And the PKK renewed fighting against the Kurdish Peshmerga in the mid-1990s.

And now this terrorist party is implementing the projects of the countries hostile to Kurdistan by striking the economic interests in Kurdistan and fighting our Kurdish people in southern Kurdistan for their safety and the prosperity of their country... As well as in their livelihood when they target economic interests... And recently they hit an oil pipeline .. Without being concerned with the huge losses that have befallen the economy of the Kurdistan region...

In Kurdistan ... There are parties that have wide relations with this party, such as the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan ... The Goran Movement and the New Generation Movement ... In addition to some radical Islamic parties.

I wonder: What is the position of these parties, especially PUK, regarding the heinous acts of armed workers Party?

And for how long will the Kurdistan Democratic Party succeed in restraint ... When it is the one who suffers from the fire of these terrorist killers every day?

Yes, the PKK only serves the enemies of the Kurds and Kurdistan.

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