Afrin… Abu Amsha seizes seven stores to turn them into

Afrin… Abu Amsha seizes seven stores to turn them into "Amsha Mall"

Sep 11 2020

ARK News… Within the security chaos in the Afrin region in Syrian Kurdistan, Muhammad Jassim Abu Amsha, leader of the Sultan Suleiman Shah faction, seized seven shops belonging to Kurdish civilians in the center of Shiye township.

The Human Rights Organization in Afrin, on Thursday, said: The so-called Muhammad al-Jassim, nicknamed Abu Amsha, the leader of the so-called Sultan Suleiman Shah faction, al-Amshat controlling Shiye township, seized seven of the shops belonging to Kurdish citizens located in Kani Shiye Square (Spring Square) in the town center and They are all of:

1 - Izzat Kamal Bakr
2 - Muhammad Mustafa Ka’lo (Karo)
3 - Muhammad Khalil Sheikho (Haji Kavno - and he has two shops)
4 - Adnan Muhammad Alloush (Mihmedik)
5 - Amin Dilli Hussein (Haj Durdik - has two shops)

The Organization added: To start with the structural modifications of the stores and to make them a single report by removing the walls between them in order to turn it into a large commercial store “Amsha supermarket” on the Turkish way to sell foodstuffs, legumes, milk and its derivatives from dairy, cheese, detergents, and household appliances, and develop that according to what is claimed to include household furniture and electrical appliances, and the opening of other branches after developing the building on several floors and expanding its trade to include selling men's and women's clothing, children, sports and shoes, and giving it a new name later on "Amsha Mall".