Afrin inflicts the first defeat on jihad

Afrin inflicts the first defeat on jihad

Jan 27 2020

ARK News: Al-Jihad Football Club, on Friday, January 24, 2020, received its first defeat after three matches in the Syrian Football League first division football championship.

The first loss of Al-Jihad club came at the hands of its "brother" Afrin, with an unanswered goal, at the Hama Industrial Stadium, bringing the Afrin club to 11 points in second place, while the Jihad balance was frozen at point 7 of two wins and one draw.

According to the sports analysts and the followers of the match, the best organization for Afrin Club in the match was verdict of determining the win of the match in its favor.

The league is not over yet and there is still a match that did not play in the first leg, in addition to five games in the second leg.

With this result, the arrangement becomes as follows:

1-Al-Tadamon 11 points
2 - Afrin 11 points
3 Al-Jihad 7 points (it has an incomplete match)
4- Hama workers 6 points
5- Qamhana 4 points
6- Aleppo Craftsmen 0 points (it has an incomplete match)

Al-jihad team participating in the first division football league for men won 7 points from three games, with two wins over Hama and Qamhana Workers, and a tie with Al-Tadamon, the first place, despite the fact that the players of the club are mostly young and junior players.

Al-Jihad Club will meet in the next match with the team of Aleppo Craftsmen, “the bottom of the group”, who submitted a request to withdraw from the league championship, according to well-informed sports sources, in the event that the request is approved, 3 points will be deducted from all the teams that played against it, because all the teams won against the Craftsmen, and even if Al-Jihad played its match against the Craftsmen, there are expectations of winning and resolving the match points.

Afrin Sports Club is led by Captain Anas Al-Sari, while Al-Jihad Club is led by Captain Mohamed Sardini.

The Al-Jihad Sports Club for soccer has been witnessing for years a noticeable decline in performance and successive and disappointing results for hundreds of thousands of fans of the club inside and outside Syrian Kurdistan.

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