Kurdish politician: Most fires are selective

Kurdish politician: Most fires are selective

Jun 14 2019

Most of the fires are selective, suggesting a malicious act
Amin Sheikh Gulin

ARK News: We say: To Allah we belong and to Him we shall return, fires that devour thousands of dunums of grain fields (wheat) will expose thousands of peasants and their families to extreme poverty and even a terrible famine, and for sorts of diseases caused by malnutrition, it's a thorny and complex issue, and strangely that most fires are selective.

Indicating to a malicious act that he is fully aware of the consequences of his criminal action against the peasants who are waiting impatiently for the harvest season, and suddenly he finds in front of his eyes the flames devour season in moments, what is more surprising is the failure of many parties to interact with the fires that destroy the basic people's livelihood, and the first of them is the de facto authority or the so-called self-management , that is not recognized by anyone.

Those who impose taxes on the crop (15% of the whole crop and are very high) are responsible for protecting the farmer and their families and crops, because the sons of these people were the fuel of their war outside the Kurdish areas, they did not provide anything but the mercy of my Lord, then where is America and the international coalition of the fires in Al-Jazeera and eastern Euphrates?

Where they used our sons to fight against the terrorism of Da’esh, but they did not move to extinguish the fires which destroy the livelihood of families’ fighters who followed Da’esh, and drove them out of civilian centers. Where is the United Nations and the FAO, which cares about food and agricultural crops?

Where are the regional countries and their cooperation in such cases? For example, there was a fire in the forest in the Haifa area of Israel, Egypt sent specialized aircraft to extinguish the fire,

And we say with an aloud voice where are the Kurdish parties and their role and the role of their members in extinguishing the devastating fires to the economy and social and living life of the people of East Euphrates (a new term).

And everyone has to play his role according to his position and his possibilities ... in order, we save what can be saved from the season, and to keep the sources of livelihood of the people.

Lived a free and loving Kurdistan ... shame and disgrace of who set fires.

المقال يعبر عن رأي الكاتب