Newspaper: the establishment of a joint operations center between US forces, the Kurdistan Region Peshmerga and Roj Peshmerga

Dec 23 2018

ARK News: Iraqi security source said that US forces, after the decision of President Donald Trump withdrawn from Syria, will move to stability in its military base in the province of Erbil in the Kurdistan Region.

The source, who asked not to be named in an interview with the site "Baghdad today": "There is a talk about the establishment of a joint operations center between the US forces and the Peshmerga Kurdistan Region Peshmerga, and Roj Peshmerga on the Iraqi-Syrian border."

He added: "American forces during these months, will decide whether the Peshmerga and the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) able to protect areas of East Euphrates, or it needs to support the Americans," noting that "the center of operations will be in Erbil, in addition to putting a point on the Syrian border with the Kurdistan Region. "

US President Donald Trump announced on Wednesday evening his intention to withdraw his troops from Syria after the end of his army's tasks in the face of the danger of the “Da’esh” organization in Syria.

Following Trump's decision, Syria Democratic Forces militants commented that the threat of terrorism still exists and the withdrawal of US troops could help bring back "Da’esh" organization to the region again.

Source: Agencies