World Health: 75% of Syrian deaths are caused by chronic diseases

World Health: 75% of Syrian deaths are caused by chronic diseases

May 20 2024

ARK News… The Regional Director of the World Health Organization for the Eastern Mediterranean, Hanan Balkhi, said that chronic diseases represent approximately 75 percent of the causes of deaths throughout Syria, noting the high rates of malnutrition among children and mothers.

Al-Balkhi monitored the humanitarian situation in Syria in light of a tour she conducted in the country and meetings with officials in the regime’s areas and north-eastern Syria. She said: “I recently returned from Syria, where my goal was to gain a better understanding of the situation, needs, and challenges that are facing our humanitarian work on the ground.”

The official expressed her deep concern after a tour she conducted in most of the Syrian governorates, and said in a statement: “The number of people in need is astonishing, and there are still pockets of critical vulnerabilities present in many parts of the country.” “To exacerbate this already disastrous situation, the growing political tensions in the region threaten to further escalate in Syria.”

She noted that health in Syria is “affected by more than just a lack of resources.” The socio-economic situation in the country is rapidly deteriorating due to persistent insecurity, climate change, environmental risks, displacement, poverty and food insecurity.
Al-Balkhi expressed her concern about the high rates of malnutrition among children under the age of five and mothers, which is a serious consequence of increasing poverty throughout the country.

The health system in Syria is still very fragile, according to the official, and she added: “Only 65 percent of hospitals and 62 percent of primary health care centres are operating at full capacity, and there is an acute shortage of essential medicines and medical equipment.” “What is most worrying is that nearly half of the health workforce, which forms the backbone of any health system, has left the country.”

“Throughout my five-day visit, the decline in humanitarian funding for Syria was a major and worrying concern,” she said.

The poverty rate in Syria, according to United Nations reports, currently exceeds 90%. Which means that more than 90% of Syria's population lives below the poverty line of $1.90 per person per day.