Suwayda demonstrators raise a banner that says “Dignity”

Suwayda demonstrators raise a banner that says “Dignity”

Apr 19 2024

ARK News… The demonstrators in the city of Suwayda renewed their demands to overthrow the regime and release the detainees in al-Karama Square, raising a banner with the words “Dignity” written on it.

Today, Friday, April 19, 2024, hundreds of citizens participated in a new popular demonstration in al-Karama Square in the city center of Suwayda, demanding the fall of the head of the regime, the release of all detainees, and the implementation of international resolutions.

The demonstrators also raised a banner with the word “Dignity” written on it in the middle of al-Karama Square, in a sign of rejecting differences and uniting under one banner.

The demonstrators built a gate in al-Karama Square, where demonstrations continue on a daily basis against the regime and its government, chanting several slogans against the regime.