Syrian region.. What is waiting for?

Syrian region.. What is waiting for?

Aug 28 2023

Syrian region.
What is waiting for?
Written by: Sharif Ali

Despite the passage of nearly thirteen years of scourge that befell the Syrians, including killing, destruction, displacement and displacement, it did not quench the thirst of those who made Syria a corpse to devour and an arena for experiments in which the most heinous crimes against humanity are committed. Rather, it is an advanced launching pad for their aggressive terrorist projects against other countries in the region, which constitutes a factor of instability for the region and the world as a whole from many aspects, perhaps the most prominent of which is that it has become a hotbed for manufacturing and exporting terrorism and drugs and the main tributary for immigrants towards the European West. This, along with hot international issues, made ending the Syrian crisis an urgent demand, which prompted the American administration, in coordination with the Its regional and international allies to prepare to end the Syrian crisis by military force in light of the categorical rejection by Damascus of all proposed diplomatic solutions and the decisions of the international community related to the Syrian issue, including the Arab normalization initiative, which brought Syria back to the Arab League.

For its part, the American administration has begun to take preliminary measures for a military operation that reflects indications that it is large-scale in the region and may be in a number of stages, which means that there is more than one target that has an influential role in the continuity of the Syrian crisis, and it is natural that this is at the top of the list of targets. (Iranian command centers and affiliated militias with various names on Syrian territory).

In light of the American measures taken in this regard, whether on the political or field level, and the geography of the American movements, which pay great attention to cutting off Iranian arms extending to Syria and Lebanon through Iraqi territory, where they are controlled by militias loyal to Iran, and on both sides of the Iraqi-Syrian border along the area extending from Albu Kamal to Al-Tanf area, which is considered an American sphere of influence on the Iraqi-Syrian-Jordanian border triangle. To ensure tightening the screws on Damascus and Hezbollah, in conjunction with the intensification of the US naval force in the Mediterranean, and stopping the freezing of sanctions on Syria, but will Russia stand idly by in this scenario?

The apparent Iranian inability in the face of the massive American mobilization, which strategic experts estimate exceeds half of what was mobilized for the second Gulf War, and what it needs to seek help from its partner Russia, which is already present in the same region through the regular Syrian forces, which itself is targets for the coalition forces in the area of operations, an indication of a collision It is inevitable - albeit at low levels - between Russia and the coalition forces, which is what the Russian President recently indicated that any American operation in that region nullifies the agreement to avoid friction between the two parties.
This may be the preliminary step for the second phase of the planned US military operation in the region, which aims to achieve regional and international goals that are urgently required by the US strategy at the local level, where the US presidential elections are just around the corner, and globally, where the democratic administration has become far from influencing most of the hot international issues, which are considered Syria is one of the most important, which is what the observer of the Syrian scene believes that the military resolution of the Syrian crisis is just around the corner in light of the huge American build-up in the Syrian land and sea surroundings and the accompanying similar reinforcements in the areas of American influence, whether in the Kurdish areas or the area of

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