Afrin .. Rising fuel prices whereas olive oil in the decline

Afrin .. Rising fuel prices whereas olive oil in the decline

Nov 10 2018

ARK News: After the tension which the region has witnessed in general and especially the recent Turkish threats to the east of the Euphrates, led to closing the roads of supplying Afrin region with fuel, and as a result, increasing fuel’s price.

A special source from Afrin city reported to the ARK Media Foundation, yesterday, 9/11/2018 that the fuel oil has seen a sharp rise in its price, bringing the barrel of oil (200 liters) to 60 thousand Syrian pounds after the price was 38 thousand to 40 thousand per barrel.

The olive presses and the special mechanisms for the olive season (tractors and cars) daily consume hundreds of thousands of liters of diesel to facilitate the work of the presses and harvesting olive crop. The modern press consumes two barrels (400 liters) per day at a rate of 60 barrels per month, except tractors and transport vehicles that operate on diesel (Kia and similar).

The same source confirmed that in conjunction with the rise in the price of fuel, the price of olive oil of the oil container (16 liters) is still in stagnation and stagnation where the container is sold now in the markets of 14 thousand, according to the standard, which is measured by the quality of oil (acid) that best quality didn’t exceed to 15-16 thousand Syrian pounds.

The source added that the jewelry also saw a rise in prices, reaching one gram to 16.800 thousand Syrian pounds after it was 15 thousand, stressing that one dollar stable at 470 pounds and the prices of the rest of the material saw a significant increase in prices except olive oil.

The concerned authorities issued, a few days ago in Afrin, a decision to prevent the sale of oil containers out of Afrin region, which led to a reduction in olive oil price, but many civilians are forced to sell their crop for fear of being stolen or confiscated by pro-Turkish armed groups.