The United Nations warns of a

The United Nations warns of a "potentially devastating effect of corona" in Syria

Mar 23 2020

ARK News.. The United Nations' Political Affairs Officer, Rosemary De Caro, called on all parties in Syria to show restraint. She cautioned against the potential devastating effect of the spread of the "emerging coronavirus" in Idlib and elsewhere in Syria.

In a tweet on Twitter yesterday (Saturday) De Caro said : “Among the many remote meetings held this week, I heard from field sources about the potential devastating impact of the Corona virus in Idlib and elsewhere in Syria ... it is necessary to stop the fighting In Idlib. ”

The World Health Organization announced that its medical teams will start conducting tests to detect "Corona" in opposition-controlled areas in northwest Syria, where about (4) million people live, including about one million civilians who were displaced recently as a result of a military campaign by the regime forces with Russian support in the Idlib countryside and Aleppo, according to the United Nations.