Israel targeted Damascus airport and the regime denies that

Dec 11 2018

ARK News: In an air strike operation Israeli planes targeted Damascus International Airport and news of the burning of the Iranian cargo plane in the Israeli raid and destroying it completely, while the Israeli attack coincided with a secret meeting of Iranian officers of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard with the leaders of sectarian Shiite militias at Damascus International Airport during the attack.

SANA news agency published a report on Sunday, 9/12/2108, it said that Syrian air defenses responded to hostile air targets around the Damascus International Airport but later it said that the attack did not occur.

The agency said in its preliminary report that "Our air defenses are countering hostile air targets in the vicinity of Damascus International Airport”.

The agency later removed the report from its Web site. However, a source at Damascus International Airport was later quoted as saying there had been no attack on the airport and that the air traffic was normal.

But the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, based in Britain, said that the shooting was heard near the airport.

The observatory said that several explosions were heard in the suburbs of Damascus with the launch of air defenses near the airport.

According to Israeli reports, the attack on Damascus International Airport was due to the landing of a 747 Iranian cargo plane coming from Tehran to Damascus during the day.

Source: Agencies