PYD’s tunnels declare war on civilians

PYD’s tunnels declare war on civilians

Dec 04 2018

ARK News: Mystery hovering over Sari Kaniye city as a result, civilians were brought into the battle which the tunnels pass under their homes and exit from the other side, except for the mines planted in the city that may explode in any time.

A special source from Amouda city reported to ARK News that one of the trenches which were dug by the de facto administration forces belonging to PYD in Amouda city under civilian houses collapsed, leaving losses in three houses without human damage occurred.

The source stated that the trench was demolished on the campus of three houses in the neighborhood near Salah al-Din Mosque, it is located in the northeastern neighborhood that connects the neighborhood to the main street so-called public street (Amouda Street - Qamishlo).

The same source added that the management of the PYD has dug a network of tunnels in those cities and some other cities in Al-Jazeera region in Kurdistan of Syria and these tunnels have caused flooded the homes of the population with water or have collapsed on their own.

The source also mentioned that these tunnels caused loss of life where the child Lawand Shindi died to drown in one of the pools of the trenches after filling with sewage water on last April 20. Two other children died in the same city, one from Nejara and the other in a neighborhood near the consumer institution, as well as a young man from the PYD died while he was digging the tunnel who is from Dike village and he had recently married fifteen days before his death.

Five civilians from the PYD tunnel workers had killed, while they were digging the tunnel after the tunnel collapsed on 28/11/2018, in the countryside of Sari Kaniye, according to local sources.

It is worth mentioning that every person who is affected by their tunnels is subject to investigation and is forced to conceal the damages, which causes people to evacuate their homes without resorting to justice or seeking compensation.

Tunnel charts were delivered to Turkey by the dissident leaders from PYD, and these tunnels became not only a burden to the people but also to the PYD’s administrative itself.