Syrian army kills more than 270 of

Syrian army kills more than 270 of "Da’esh" in Swaida

Dec 04 2018

ARK News: The representative of the Russian armed forces in Syria, Oleg Makarevich, that the Syrian army has killed more than 270 militants from the terrorist organization of "Da’esh" during an attack on their positions in the province of Swaida.

During the operation, more than 270 militias were killed and a large number of weapons, ammunition and foreign-made mines, including 12 "TOW" anti-tank missiles, were confiscated.

He pointed out that the military operation took place in bad weather conditions and in the volcanic plateau area.

He added saying: “In this region, the enemy has established a stable defense, deploying ambushes to hunt tanks and minefields, and in all areas of the region the enemy had ammunition and food depots”.